31 October 2017

grodog's events for GaryCon X (March 2018)

No, I'm not dead.  
Just busy.
Which is why I've only now submitted my events for Gary Con X in March 2018:

Explore grodog's Castle Greyhawk levels. Choose from among: 
  1. Escape from Level 14 (6th-9th PCs)
  2. The strange and surreal Egg Chambers level (8th-12th PCs)
  3. Assault The Hidden Aerie of Pazzuzeus (10-14th PCs)
  4. Seek the Jacinth of Inestimable Beauty in Diamonds in the Rough (10th-14th PCs). 
Bring your graph paper, dice, and a healthy dose of paranoid courage! Pregen PCs provided.

I've submitted to run the events at these times:
  • Thursday 6pm-midnight
  • Friday 6pm-midnight
  • Saturday Noon-6pm

I'm going to try to play something on Saturday night, in addition to playing in Van Chane's Wednesday night Foolsgrave (if Jon Hershberger and I are done setting up the Black Blade Publishing booth in time!). I plan to play or DM in our traditional Sunday night games free-for-all as well.

I haven't decided on off-grid DMing, but am currently leaning toward:
- Call of Cthulhu "Grace Under Pressure"
- ASSH grodog's still-untitled Underborea adventure

I could end up running an off-grid game for Wednesday or Saturday nights if other options fall through, or as another option on Sunday night. We'll see....