03 February 2020

Mega-Dungeon Mondays - Hitting the Monsters Hard and Book-Keeping in the Dada Dungeon

Henry and I played in his "Dada Dungeon" again on Saturday.  We explored less, and hit two big targets after our previous mapping rereconnoiters:  a young white dragon (blissfully asleep on its treasures) and two ogres.  The dragon we had discovered in the previous session, but we found the ogres only after exploring further in the vicinity of the dragon's lair.  

The updated map; our play focused in the NE and E zones of the level:

Henry's Daddy-Dungeon - Level 2 Player Map by Allan Grohe
Henry's Dada-Dungeon -
Level 2 Player Map by Allan Grohe

Based on our previous session activities, we had befriended the (normal-sized) badger family in the dungeon (they're located in the top-center in the oddly shaped room with the sloping northern wall), and the druid PC was a bit concerned that the dragon might decide that they'd make a good meal one day, given their relative proximity.  So after some prep and consulting among the characters (which didn't take too long, since Henry and I are playing this game just the two of us ;) ), and warning the badgers about our plans (in case we TPK'd...), we attacked the sleeping white dragon and killed it in the first first round of surprise attacks.  Even level 1 PCs attacking with the benefits of bless, faerie fire, and a charge bonus against a sleeping dragon is no guarantee for victory, since two of the four attacking PCs missed (one with a natural "1" which didn't result in losing his weapon).  The dragon's hoard included:

  • 1200 cp
  • 684 gp
  • 5 potions:  animal control (reptiles, fish, and amphibeans), extra healing (2 doses), fire resistance (2 doses), polymorph self (2 doses), and speed
  • and a ring of invisibility that we found in its stomach!

Quite the nice haul!

The two ogres were equally profitable but substantially less lucrative.  We surprised them as well, but only for one round, and the PCs all missed.  The second round the MU/thief successfully slept one of the two ogres, and we killed the first one in the third round of battle.  They only netted 500 cp and 80 gp in coin, but they also had a suit of chainmail +1 (don't know its size yet), and another potion (of hill giant strength).

At that point we called it quits and exited the dungeon.  The rest of the session was spent tallying up monster and treasure XP gained since 17 August 2019, so we didn't return to play in the afternoon (and, in fact, didn't complete the calculus either given the need for previously-postponed homework to be completed as well ;) ). 

A fun time.  My hunch is that at least a few of the PCs will level up, and we'll need to sell some of the more-powerful magic items that we've found in order to pay for training costs.  Whether that'll end up being the gem of seeing, or some of the spell scrolls, or the chainmail +1 or the shirt of protection +2 remains to be seen....


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