29 April 2020

Foodling: DungeonMorph Dice Geomorphs --> Castle Greyhawk Sub-Level

Last night, I created a new sub-level for my version of Castle Greyhawk, using the DungeonMorph dice from Inkwell Ideas.  I was a backer of their original Kickstarter in 2011, and remain quite fond of their geos dice, and of dungeon geomorphs in general!

Here's the original geomorphs dice used for inspiration:

DungeonMorph Dice -
level arrangement by grodog

And here's the level as I rendered it:

Convection Sub-Level in Castle Greyhawk-
draft map by grodog

You'll note that I largely ignored the caverns in the eastern half of the dice image, save for general sizing and some shape inspiration.
If you're curious, full-sized versions of the images are at:
Enjoy, and stay safe amidst the covid-chaos!



  1. Those dice are amazing looking. I may pick up one of the sets to play around with. The convection sub-level draft looks great Allan.

    1. They are fun, but I'm a fan of geomorphs in general, as well. If you want to check out the dice before buying them, I'm hapy to bring them to a session whenever we start gaming again in-person.



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