03 October 2020

Virtual GreyhawkCon - Day 1


I had a wonderful time at Virtual Greyhawk Con today!:

  1. Friday afternoon I ran the first of four playtest sessions for the Iounic Vaults (two at vGHC, two at the upcoming TsunamiCon 2020 Virtual Con), and had a very fun time with a crew of eight players. They managed to almost recover The Ring of Gaxx, but didn't quite pull it out in the closing minutes of the session. Settling for the One Ring isn't a bad alternative, right?

  2. After a quick pizza dinner, Carlos Lising of casl Entertainment ran his new Greyhawk scenario "Reflections from a Smoking Mirror" for five of us---a diplomatic rescue suicide mission from the beleaguered Free Onnwal to the Tuov in Hepmonaland, both mutual victims of the Scarlet Brotherhood.

Carlos' games are always fun, and he wove together the mythologies of Greyhawk and the Central American Aztecs into a seamless whole.

It's not often I get to nearly not-die while fighting the god of death, which is a great way to conclude a Friday night of gaming :D


  1. Still waiting on Ioun Caverns and another I believe Greek myth themed work from you advertised in one of RJK's modules. That's not me being impatient just genuinely still waiting with interest in the products.

    1. I appreciate your steadfast interest, W*E*R*D*N*A---and we did in fact list the Iounic Caverns and its demi-planar sequel on the back cover of Tower of Blood when Black Blade reprinted it in 2015 (!).

      We should finally deliver on that promise in 2021, if the stars are right =)



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