28 February 2018

The Twisting Stair #3 (Spring 2018)

After a longer delay than planned, Tony Rosten and I are happy to announce that the Spring 2018 third issue of The Twisting Stair is going to press this week, and will debut at GaryCon next week (8-11 March 2018, in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin)!

The Twisting Stair, issues 1-3

Like TTS#2, The Twisting Stair #3 is 20 pages long, is priced at $5, and is available in print format only.  

TTS#3 Contents

Here's the TOC for The Twisting Stair #3 (Spring 2018):

  • From Kuroth’s Quill by Allan -- "Mega-Dungeon Mapping Strategies for Players" (in which Allan attempts to make mapping fun!)
    • Mapping the Problem: An Introduction
    • The Main Functions of a Map - Why to Map
    • grodog's Three Mapping Modes - How to Map
      • Replicated Maps - aka, the Ernie Gygax Method
      • Descriptive Maps - The Captain's Log
      • Trailing Maps - A Hybrid Approach
    • grodog's Mapping Tips and Tricks
      • Playing Mapping Tactics
      • In-Character Mapping Tactics
  • Critters and Glitters
    • New monster - Fire Weird by Allan (a firey variation on Ernie Gygax's classic monster)
    • New magic items - Ying’s Fantastic Fireworks by Tony (a collection of ten new one-shot magical devices)
  • The Centerfold Mega-Dungeon Map by Tony and Allan -- The third 11"x17" level of The Twisting Stair dungeon
  • Wandering Pairings by Tony -- Third-level wandering monsters
  • Down the Twisting Stair by Tony -- Vertical Design in the Mega-Dungeon
    • The Ups and Downs of Vertical Encounter Design
    • Encounter:  "Will you climb into my Parlour?" said the Great Red Spider to the Fly
    • Vertical Design Involving Multiple Encounters
    • Encounter:  The Upside-Down Water Lock
    • Vertical Design that Spans Multiple Dungeon Levels
  • Stackable Geomorphs Add Verticality to Your Mega-Dungeon by Tony and Allan -- A new type of geomorph designed to increase vertical space in dungeon design
    • 3 stackable base geomorphs
    • 6 stackable geomorphs
    • 3 blank stackable geomorphs

Ordering and Shipping Details To Follow

Since TTS#3 will be printed in Wisconsin for its GaryCon premiere, I don't have a copy in-hand to build out shipping and ordering specs yet.  I assume that baseline costs will be nearly-identical to the shipping for TTS#2, but will need to validate all of that prior to publishing shipping rates for issue #3, as well as for combined shipping rates for multiple issues.

Back Issues Availability

Copies of The Twisting Stair #1 (Spring 2017) and The Twisting Stair #2 (Summer 2017) are also available for $5 each.  Updated shipping information will be posted for ordering all three issues after our return from GaryCon.


If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please post them here, or via The Twisting Stair Google+ community or The Twisting Stair Facebook Page or email us at thetwistingstair@gmail.com.


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