10 September 2019

grodog in Greyhawk---a Summer Raining Multitudes!

It's been a busier summer than usual this year, in part because I've got lots of Greyhawk going on, which is a wonderful "problem" to have =)

Here's what's been cooking:

  • I'm continuing to play in Bill "TheDungeonDelver" Silvey's ongoing Greyhawk AD&D campaign, which is heavily-focused at present on the exploration of his version of Castle Greyhawk!  Let me tell you that it's a treat to explore Bill's Greyhawk and its Castle, not knowing a thing about it =)

    Here's where we are, after spending most of this year clearing out the upper ruins of Bill's version of Castle Greyhawk:

    Bill Silvey's Castle Greyhawk - PC map by Allan Grohe
    Bill Silvey's Castle Greyhawk - Ruins Level
    Player map by Allan Grohe

    Bill Silvey's Castle Greyhawk - Ruins Level Player map by Allan Grohe
    Bill Silvey's Castle Greyhawk - Ruins Level
    Player map by Allan Grohe

    We just began to explore down the central well last week, and will likely pick that up again this week.

    I began playing in Bill's game since July last year, and have enjoyed it immensely!  Thus far we've remained in the vicinity of Greyhawk City and the Gnarley Forest---not counting a demi-planar/extra-planar holiday adventure at Christmastide.  My high elf, Svert, is now a 5/5 Fighter/Magic-User, about to level up to 6th MU (but I've hit my level limit in Fighter unless I'm able to permanently gain two or more points of Strength, alas...).

  • My 11-year-old son Henry has been running an on-and-off again AD&D campaign for some school friends, his older brother Ethan, my wife Heather, and me (although both Ethan and Heather have largely stopped playing D&D in general save for special occasions here and there).  Set in his Underground Mansion dungeon, situated on an island in the Nyr Dyv.  While Henry's game is nominally set in Greyhawk, he doesn't know much about the setting itself, which is fine because he crafts a great mega-dungeon.  This is what we've explored of the first level to date, before moving into the second level over the summer:

    Henry's Underground Mansion - Level 1
    Player Map by Allan Grohe

  • Henry, not quite having enough AD&D in his life already (!!!, to quote Andy Markham), began to craft a new mega-dungeon earlier this summer as the primary forus of his game for just me and him to play in.  (Which is pretty darn sweet, isn't it?).  We've played once thus far over Labor Day weekend, and I'm looking forward to getting back in there to see what else I can find:

    Henry's Dada Mega-Dungeon - Level 1  Player Map by Allan Grohe
    Henry's Dada Mega-Dungeon - Level 1
    Player Map by Allan Grohe

  • And, since I'm clearly not having sufficient fun in the World of Greyhawk already (!!!), I am in the process of starting up one or perhaps two groups of new players in The Flanaess locally here in Wichita.
I've also been continuing to work on some of my levels of my version of Castle Greyhawk for publication next year, and have made good progress on The Iounic Caverns, The Heretical Temple of Wee Jas, Diamonds in the Rough, and The First Landings Level.

More to come on that front as things continue to develop!



  1. Bill's game was so much fun while I was in it! Glad to hear it's still going strong.

    Also looking forward to your finished levels also; they've been well-playtested and would be a great addition to advanced gaming.

  2. I envy your position. Greyhawk is where I started D&Ding.


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