07 August 2021

Greyhawk (and grodog) News Miscellany

Some updates from or of interest to World of Greyhawk fans:

grodog's Greyhawk Updates and Interviews

Some new and updated content on my grodog's Greyhawk web site:
  • I've recently updated my Greyhawk Anagrams page with various new entries
  • I've also re-compiled my Greyhawk Runes reference file, by cutting and pasting the two sets of runes from the 1980 Folio and 1983 Boxed Set together for side-by-side comparisons (the runes are, by far, not all the same!)
I've also recently appeared on a pair of streaming shows, in case you'd like to catch up the recordings:
I actually had an internet outage on the morning of Bill's stream, and dialled into the session on my phone via the Discord app (I hate apps!), which is why the perspective of the video is rather skewed ;)  

I had a great time talking with Dan, James, and Bill, and will happily revisit their shows again in the future, as our stars (and schedules) are right.


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