01 May 2017

Tales of Peril - the Second Preview: Table of Contents

In the first preview for Black Blade Publishing's new fiction title, Tales of Peril: The Complete Boinger & Zereth Stories of John Eric Holmes, I promised more details soon. 

So, here is the Table of Contents for Tales of Peril.  The exact lineup may move around a little, since we're still wrapping up layout, but the actual content is finalized now:

Table of Contents

Introduction by Allan T. Grohe Jr.
List of Illustrations and Artwork


Preface to The Maze of Peril by Chris Holmes
The Maze of Peril 

    Dark Water
    Green Cloak
    Centaurs and Clerics
    Theft and Pursuit
    An Unusual Ride
    The Second Descent
    Battles in the Dark
    Visible and Invisible
Alarums & Excursions Campaign Materials
“Warrior for Hire”
“The Adventure of the Giant Chameleon” by John Eric Holmes and Chris Holmes
“Adventure of the Lost City, Part One”  
“Adventure of the Lost City, Part Two”

Dragon Magazine Stories
Preface to “Trollshead”

Preface to “The Sorcerer's Jewel”
“The Sorcerer's Jewel”
Preface to “In the Bag”
“In the Bag”

Unpublished Short Story
Preface to “Witch Doctor”
“Witch Doctor”


“Confessions of a Dungeon Master”
“Boinger & Zereth PC Summary and Scans”
“My Time as Murray” by Eric M. Frasier
“The Writings of Dr. J. Eric Holmes” by Zach Howard
“Afterword” by Chris Holmes
Contributor Biographies

The fiction works include all of JEH's Boinger and Zereth stories and related campaign materials, based on his home game run during the 1970s. 

The non-fiction pieces include my introduction, prefaces to each JEH piece of fiction from Chris Holmes, as well as his concluding Afterword, JEH's 1980 "Confessions of a Dungeon Master" (originally published in Psychology Today), Zach Howard's extensive annotated bibliography of JEH's writings, and Eric M. Frasier's essay about gaming with the Holmes family. 

The next previews will include the List of Illustrations from Jim Roslof and Chris Holmes, as well as the front and back cover artwork by Ian Baggley.

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