08 May 2017

Tales of Peril - the Third Preview: Illustrations and Artwork

With this preview, I begin to unveil some of the artwork that will grace the pages of Tales of Peril: The Complete Boinger & Zereth Stories of John Eric Holmes.

Jon and I at Black Blade Publishing are particularly pleased that Chris Holmes drew new pieces of artwork for each of JEH's stories, and provided us with scans of his original art from the 1970s Alarums & Excursions stories.  Zach Howard has also shared some of Chris' original pieces of art from A&E, at Zenopus Archives.

Here's a sample of Chris Holmes new artwork, from The Maze of Peril novella; this depicts the wereshark attack on Bardan the Dwarf:

Wereshark attacks Bardan! by Chris Holmes 2012

In addition, we secured permission from Laura Roslof (through the kind assistance of Paul Stormberg from The Collector's Trove and Legends of Wargaming), and from Wizards of the Coast, to reproduce Jim's five illustrations for "The Sorcerer's Jewel" short story from Dragon Magazine #46 (February 1981). 

Here is the list of illustrations and artwork that will be included in Tales of Peril:


The Maze of Peril
  • Wereshark Attacks Bardan! – Chris Holmes 2012
  • Murray the Mage Examines the Slain Dagonite – Chris Holmes 2012
  • Boinger and Zereth and the Stone Golem – Chris Holmes 2012
  • Characters Engage the Dagonites and their Evil High Priest – Ian Baggley, back cover art, 2017
  • Amazons Attack the Temple of Dagon – Ian Baggley, front cover art, 2017
Alarums & Excursions
  • Warrior for Hire – Chris Holmes 1976
  • Wereshark Attacking Bardan – Chris Holmes 1976
  • Giant Chameleon Page Borders – Chris Holmes 1976
  • Giant Chameleon Battle on the Log – Chris Holmes 1976
  • Witch Doctor in Action! – Chris Holmes 1977
  • Player Characters and the Rescued Damsels – Chris Holmes 1977
  • Spawn of Cthulhu – Chris Holmes 1977
  • The Sorcerer's Tower – Chris Holmes 1977
  • Great Cthulhu – Chris Holmes 1977
Dragon Magazine

  • The Troll Attacks Boinger – Chris Holmes 1979
  • Zereth Interrogates a Severed Head – Chris Holmes 2012
“The Sorcerer's Jewel”
  • Boinger and Lady Verbeena – Jim Roslof 1980
  • Boinger Descending the Stairs – Jim Roslof 1980
  • Zereth Casts a Spell from a Scroll – Jim Roslof 1980
  • Grey Ooze Attack – Chris Holmes 2012
  • Battle with the Lich! – Jim Roslof 1980
  • Boinger Defends the Loot! – Jim Roslof 1980
“In the Bag”
  • Zereth Levitates Boinger Above the Gorgon – Chris Holmes 2012
“Witch Doctor” - Unpublished
  • Ambush on the Hillside  – Chris Holmes 1981
  •  Discussion with Digby on Giant Lizard – Chris Holmes 1981
  • Boinger Entwined by Snake – Chris Holmes 1981
  • Sexy Vampire  – Chris Holmes 1981
  • Battle at the Cart – Chris Holmes 1981

"Boinger and Zereth Player Character Summaries and Character Card Scans"Chris Holmes
  • Boinger and Zereth Player Character Cards – Chris Holmes 2015
“My Time with Murray”
  • Murray Player Character Sheet – Eric Frazier 2015
  • D&D in 1976-1977 – Eric Frazier 2015

Next week I'll talk to the cover artwork from Ian Baggley!


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  1. Sounds great, Allan! Looking forward to this!

  2. Yet another edition to my never ending list of "must read." Thanks Allan, looking forward to it.

  3. Thanks guys, I'm looking forward to the final book as well! :D



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