17 October 2019

grodog's Events at TsunamiCon 2019: Greyhawk AD&D and Aliens: This Time It's War


At the 11th hour this week, I decided to submit events to run at Wichita's TsunamiCon, our sixth annual gaming convention.  Details on the events appear in my post to the TsunamiCon Facebook group, but I figured I'd share the details here as well:

The events are listed at TableTop.Events, and here are the details:
  • Introduction to World of Greyhawk and AD&D 1st editionCreate new characters for AD&D 1e, learn the basics of play, and explore grodog's infamous version of Castle Greyhawk. Players new to Greyhawk or AD&D 1st edition welcome! Bring your graph paper, dice, and a healthy dose of paranoid courage! 1e character sheets will be provided. Prizes awarded!
    • This will run on Saturday from 1-5pm, and 7-11pm.
  • Aliens: This Time It's War!:  Celebrating 40 years of Alien, this is "The Reactor" level from the classic 1989 miniatures skirmish game. Players control Colonial Marines trying to escape the alien nest that has awoken around them! Fast-paced and very deadly, rules will be taught. In space, no one can hear you scream!
    • This will run on Sunday from 9am-Noon, and 1pm-4pm.

I've been discussing the kickoff of a new multi-group Greyhawk campaign in Wichita for the past couple of months, and hopefully this will provide a good opportunity to introduce Greyhawk and AD&D to new and interested players!  If you're local and interested, the main discussion is in our local Wichita D&D group in Facebook.



  1. Id love to play in that Alien's game. It is a good tactical combat system if I remeber correctl,y and the set-up is just amazing.

    1. If we get you back to NTX or to GaryCon, and I have sufficient notice, I'll at least bring the tabletop box (I don't have room in the minivan to travel with the big sets to those cons anymore---too many books vying for space!). Jason Cook also runs Aliens at GaryCon, and Gary Oliver does at NTX now, so I'm sure you'd be able to find a game either way.

      If you want to see some of my pics of the full set-up, I've got them in my miniatures folder on Facebook.



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